The Story

The concept behind Softheads is to reinterpret classical hunting trophies in a sustainable manner and with a dash of humour and good taste. Recently, the creations have also extended to other decorative products that share the aesthetics and values of the brand.

The collections include a curated selection of fabrics from the best upholstery producers in Europe. All the pieces are produced in Barcelona, in collaboration with a foundation that helps women at risk of social exclusion. In addition to the seasonal collections, Softheads also creates tailored projects for interior designers and final customers.

Softheads’ clients include Barney’s in NewYork, Selfridges in London, Palacio de Hierro in Mexico City, Hotel Yurbban in Barcelona and the Clarion Hotel in Oslo. Softheads is currently sold in more than 40 countries including France, Italy, Germany, Korea South, United States and Japan.