Soft Unicorn - Rabbits

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Inspired in the middle age mythology we present the Soft Unicorn. This wall-mount trophy has been made with an original William Morris tapestry and a handmade birch wood horn. It was 100% handmade in our Barcelona studio. Each piece from this collection belongs to a limited edition.

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Collecting our textile animal´s heads is the perfect option for those who want to bring a piece of nature to their homes and still be respectful about it. Give your place an original and charming touch with this bull head.

This piece has been 100% handmade in Barcelona using local fabrics.

Hang your Softheads easily from the wall using the fabric strip at the back. No drilling is necessary. Due to its lightness, a simple nail will be enough.

Product information

Fabric design: Sandersson

Fabric: 60% Line / 30% Cot. / 10% Nylon

Horn: natural beech wood

Filling: silicone padding


40cm H x 17cm W x 53cm D (950gr)

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